Read about our awesome pub!

The home of big steak and big beer!

Dooen Hotel is open for lunch from Tuesday through to Friday and for dinner from Tuesday through to Sunday. We pride ourselves on our quality, hearty sized meals and home made desserts, which you can choose to have in our restaurant or as a take away. As our motto proclaims, Dooen Pub is the home of Big Beer and Big Steak and this is a motto we certainly try to live up to! Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available over the counter or take away, including beer, wine, premixed spirits, spirits, daiquiris and a range of soft drinks.

Other popular amenities and activities available to our patrons are a pool table, jukebox, live music upon occasion, and a host of other interesting and unique ‘games’ we are proud to have invented here in Dooen like ‘toss the gold coin’ which involves tossing a gold coin into a large brass bullet to win 2 free pots.

Then there is our ever-popular Friday night meat tray raffle and the TFIF Club…. We always try to ensure that our patrons leave the premises knowing that they’ve just had a Dooen experience and that we value their patronage and their friendship.

If you’re passing through Dooen, come in, say howdy and experience the ‘Dooen experience’ for yourself. There’s just something about the truly unique atmosphere in here that will hit you as you walk through our doors. That and our quality service, which we’re justifiably proud of, along with the genuine country living dust and cobwebs, will be sure to leave you with fond memories of your stop over in this part of our great country. Although we don’t offer any guarantees on this because we figure you can’t please all of the people all of the time – that’s just life.


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